Jay is an artist who loves to tell stories with his work and although his favorite style is realism he is competent in many looks, styles and mediums. For much of his career (starting in '96) he has worked with clients and designers to create art for specific commercial spaces - mainly restaurants, schools and hospitals. To be effective in that line of work, one needs to be able to create work in whatever style best celebrates that specific interior. Embracing those challenges, Jay has enjoyed success in this large format genre with his work in over 100 installations around the country.

For examples of those projects check out: jamesfullmer.com


Jay is educated as a scientist and trained as an artist - so he loves to create a dramatic image but has an eye for accuracy and detail. He also has a broad skill set in traditional mediums like oils and acrylic but is completely comfortable in the digital realm of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and even some 3D software. His art studio is also a fully equipped photo studio.

Since 2005, Jay has been excited to dive into publishing projects in the game and book market. It began with a card game for an LDS publisher, Covenant, that has blossomed to a great selection of products over the years. Jay loves to create work to tell a story worth telling.

Jay Fullmer is married to a very understanding woman with four strapping sons to show for it. He lives in Fond du Lac, WI

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